Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fabricating the Frame

Matt and Bob at Wellfleet Steel Works work their magic
Modified frame with bump out and simpler roller end support
Plans have been handed off to Matt at Wellfleet Steel Works, where he and his assistant Bob are turning the diagrams into aluminum reality!  I made a number of alterations in the plans based on suggestions from the guys, primarily with the roller frame which made it a lot simpler, sturdier and better.  Instead of having individual posts holding the ends of each roller, we are going to have a single flat piece drilled with slots to accept the stub shafts.  I also realized, in the middle of the night (go figure)  that the continuous round belt went around the frame!  That means that to change the belt you would have to unweld the frame- oops!  We decided to bump the frame out on the side to accept a tension pulley and Matt suggested that we make a bolt on back piece for the roller frame.  That way the belt can be easily changed by undoing the four bolts on the back piece.  Bob is now working on making the hopper and guides.

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