Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rage WITH the Machine

We have made several key adjustments to the drive system and the machine is working very well.  First we upgraded to a new Makita 14.4 volt lithium ion battery which pairs better with the opperating voltage of the motor (12-14 Volt) giving us an increased roller speed and the added benefit of a longer working time.  Second we discovered that round belts are driven more efficiently by a v-notched pulley which reduces belt slippage.  As a consequence, we are getting more efficient drive from the setup.  Today we used the sorter to sort clams from an area and stockpile the legal sized product in a special row so we can dig 100% legal sized clams quickly on a harvest day.  Field sorting also allowed us to put the two sublegal grades back in other areas reducing harvest time in the future since like sized clams will be ready at similar times.  The motor and battery mount is removable so that all the electrical components can be easily removed when the machine is cleaned.
Motor and drive pulley,(center), white idler pulley (left) and the Makita battery (right)

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